Career with German skills

No matter in which country you live, today you do not find many good job offers that do not include a few languages as requirement.

Often a language is an additional skill that is requested next to other skills but there are also lots of jobs where a language is the main requested skill.

And even if a language may not be requested by a job it is still a plus that increases your value as employee and candidate for the job.

German is also a plus if you work for a German company in your home country. German companies are spread all over the world and they usually welcome people with great interest and knowledge in German language and culture.

No matter if you work for a German company or not, it's a valuable skill for your CV and increases your employ-ability and can even lead to a higher salary or help climbing up the career ladder.

If you want to to be self-employed one day, or are actually, you may also want to have German-speaking customers. If you speak German, that will give you an edge.

If you plan to live in Europe or are actually living in Europe, languages get even more important, as this continent has many different languages. And German is the most spoken language in the European Union (EU) by the number of native speakers.
In this article that I have found on the internet, the author was adviced by a career coach, that knowing 3 languages is the key for finding an excellent job in Europe: