7+ German-speaking countries

German is official language in these 7 countries:

Germany (EU)
Germany is an economically powerful country because of world wide exports of all kinds of goods from machines to frozen pizzas "Made in Germany". But also the health care in Germany is considered as one of the best.

Austria (EU)
 Austria ranked as one of the worlds' most peaceful countries on the Global peace index.

Liechtenstein is among the worlds' richest countries and has one of the worlds' lowest unemployment rates.

Luxembourg (EU)
Luxembourg has one of the worlds' highest GDP per capita (= what all people together earn on average)
Luxembourg has 3 official languages: German, French and Luxembourgish and the inhabitants usually speak all three languages.

Italy (EU)
German is spoken in South Tyrol, which is a German speaking part of Italy and where German is recogniced as an official language.

Switzerland has one of the highest standards of living in the world.
Switzerland has 4 language regions: A German part, a French part, an Italian part and a very small Romansh part. The German part if by far the biggest. The German speaking part of Switzerland has its own strong dialect, but the written German is the same as for example in Germany and they do learn the so called "High German" (which is spoken in Germany etc.) in school.

Belgium (EU)
"Brussels" the capital of Belgium, is the political heart of the European Union.
Like Switzerland, Belgium is also divided into several language regions. One of them is the German speaking part of Belgium.

European Union
German is an official and working language of the EU.
German is also the most spoken language in the EU by the number of native speakers.


German is also widely spoken in other countries:

The country of unlimited possibilities has about 5 Million German immigrants today.

Famous for its nature, Canada has about 450 000 german immigrants.

Samba, Caipirinha and sun. That may be the reason why there are about 1,4 Million german immigrants. There is even a city called "Blumenau", which was founded by 18 Germans in 1850 and is attracting German companies today.

Poland (EU)
Poland has also a German-speaking region called "Schlesien".
In the other parts of Poland, learning German is extremely common and many people even learn it as their first foreign language.

Romania (EU)
 The mysterious country where the famous "Dracula" is supposed to have lived has a part called  "Siebenb├╝rgen" or better known as "Transilvania", which has a big German speaking community of about 10.000 people.

Spain (EU)
The popular tourism destination famous for its "fiesta" (party) does also have a few German speaking communities. By far the biggest is on the island "Mallorca".

German has world-wide importance

Due to the high international trade especially of Germany, the language has reached international importance.

Furthermore, the Germans are among the nations spending the most money on tourism and you usually meet Germans almost anywhere in the world.

2nd Internet language

By the number of websites in a language, German is the second.
That means, if you know German, you have access to a lot more high quality sources.


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