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UltraEasyGerman is an online language school offering video courses and 1-1 tutoring with an expert native instructor.

There is also a completely free beginner video course to get started.

Ultra Easy German does currently not run an own local office or language school as all operations are entirely online.

Owner: Mr. Armin Wolf
Nationality: German

Ultra Easy German hosts its paid video courses on udemy.com

Udemy Adress:
600 Harrison St
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

Udemy is one of the leading platforms for online video courses.

Ultra Easy German owner Udemy instructor profile: Armin Wolf


The Ultra Easy German website is https encrypted.

High measures of security are taken to prevent fraud, hacking attempts and any kind of other dubious behaviour.

IP addresses of users are being recorded for security purposes only..

Class reschedule and Cancellation Policy

If you booked a standard one to one lesson, you may cancel the lesson up to 1h before the start by message in Skype chat.

You will then be refunded the money into your Ultra Easy German account and may book another lesson again. If you don't have an account yet, you will need to create one in order to get the refund.


The Ultra Easy German account is free and without any obligations and can be deleted anytime. In order to delete it just ask for it on Skype chat. 
Class credit that is in the account, can only be used for classes. A pay out is not possible.
Every student shall have only one account. If you cannot access your account anymore, you may request a password reset or contact UltraEasyGerman on Skype for help.


Your account data is kept safe and will never be shared with other parties.
You can request to have your data deleted at any time.

UltraEasyGerman complies with EU online privacy laws.

Terms & Conditions

- The UltraEasyGerman Grammar rules and Method are copyright protected and it's strictly forbidden to be published or used outside of the UltraEasyGerman classes and website.
- Recording classes or taking screenshots of classes is strictly forbidden.
- Classes can be canceled up to 24h before the start and the money is refunded into your UltraEasyGerman account. If a class has not been canceled and is not attended, no refund can be claimed.
- UltraEasyGerman reserves the right to make changes to offers and promotions or cancel them at any time. In the second case, any claims forfeit.
- In case of any dispute, the decision of UltraEasyGerman is the final one.

Partners and students

UltraEasyGerman is always anxious to please its partners and students for mutual benefit.
In case of any disruptions, please get in touch with me immediately to solve the issue in mutual interest.

Brand guidelines

- The logo and other images of this website may not be used without previous permission.
- Do not copy any text from this website!
- The UltraEasyGerman method is copyright protected and cannot be published as whole or in parts anywhere else!


The language teaching services of UltraEasyGerman comply with the laws of all countries operated in.